Anodizing Color system

Aluminum Parts must be immersed in a number of baths before and after the actual anodizing process. Each bath has a specific temperature, chemical concentration, and immersion time that must be monitored and maintained. Proper rinsing after every support bath is essential.

  • Alkaline Clean
  • Alkaline Etch
  • De-smut
  • Bright Dip
  • Selected Color
  • Seal Sodium

Powder Coating Color System

Powder coating allows the use of a great variety of different colour powders. Colour, texture, gloss level and quality are determined by the choice of which powder is used. Our powder cabins are designed for easy, quick colour powder changes.


Wooden Coating Color system

We have an extensive range of high-quality translucent shades for softwood, hardwood and modified wood types. Our coatings can also help you to control the properties of certain wood types. From discolouration due to knots in softwood to water-soluble substances in hardwood, we have a range of primers to suit your needs.